Visiting Wineries – Why It Is Better To Have A Guide

Winery visits should definitely be done with a tour guide – at least once in your life. The reason? Because a guide for these kinds of outings can greatly enhance your overall experience, as well as what you get to take home after the trip (whether that is wines or memories!). If you are still unsure, however, below are a number of good reasons to further explain why:

They have a good knowledge of the area – if you are visiting a very famous wine-producing area in the world, then your primary concern won’t be to find a good winery, because almost each and every winery you will find will be so. Your main issue would be to know exactly which winery would best suit you, and that can be a very difficult thing to do when there are over a hundred wineries in the immediate vicinity. Having a guide for such a sightseeing tours Adelaide is very advantageous because they have an in-depth knowledge of the area, and therefore would naturally know which locations would best suit you. Not to add, if you are not a fan of planning and researching (and prefer surprises instead), a tour guide can easily take this burden off your hands.

You can drink the wine! – and of course, a big reason why small group wine tours Adelaide Hills always hire a tour guide is because you can actually drink the fine wines you get to taste! A tour guide will not take part in the tastings, meaning that he or she can be your driver for the duration of the trip (as well as be the sober one in case something goes wrong or is amiss). If you are going to visit wineries, you will definitely want to swallow the wines you sip, but this can spell trouble if you also have to drive by yourself at the end of the day. Having a tour guide ensures your overall safety and also prevents you from landing in court for driving under influence.

You get to learn about wine – even if you are well-versed in how wine is made, and every other detail surrounding the wonderful drink, you will find that there are still things you can learn from a tour guide when visiting wineries. It may be the differences in the types of grapes used, or it may be a correction of how you pronounce a specific technical word related to the field. Of course, there are employees at every winery willing to explain and answer any questions you may have, but sometimes, you might have the bad luck of running into a disinterested employee, and this can quickly ruin an otherwise good experience. Fine dining, after all, has to be accompanied by intellectual discussions!